Beautiful Budapest:

Took the train into Budapest today and toured around, it was kinda cold so we had to visit the local malls in between sites to warm up..... We even as you see found a outdoor skating rink.... It's surrounded by a castle on one side and hero's square on the other.... Couldn't think of a better place of starting a hockey game.... We could put up a grektzy monument up in hero's square to make it complete. As you can see below the Danube river was even frozen along the edges and the middle was filled with these ice flows, pretty neat site to see...... We were invited over to the team leaders place for dinner, did you know that Hungarian doctors do house calls? They had a doc come to check on their kids while we were there, anyways that was just a little side note. It was exciting to finally hear a bit more of what we will be doing and meet more of the team, everyone seems awesome. Now for some Canadians to come in and mix the pot, hopefully they'll be able to see past our oddness! After our training we are in now, we will have 2 weeks to familiarize ourselves with the area and learn some Hungarian culture. Then we will start an intensive 3 week language training in Budapest. We will probably be staying in the team house for the first while. We also found out that we might be moving next fall with another couple to Lake Balaton, so that would be really cool! We would be in a small town there and work with a church that really has a vision to evangalise to all the villages around. That part of Hungary has few church's so it would be a great to be able to work alongside a church to spread the gospel in those regions...... Anyways hope all is well back home, until next time

the klassens


Anonymous said...

... another update! YES!... it pays to check daily. Make a snow-angle for me would 'ya please?

chris said...

By the way, the one above was me. Dang signature feature?!?!

Anthony and Shelley Dyck said...

sounds like you guys are having a good time. thanks for the updates!

andrea said...

glad to have talked to you yesterday - hope it went well today with the worship service!
a & w

Rachel said...

Sure is beautiful there!
Thanks for all the updates...I'm checking up on you daily! :)

Opa said...

we are happy to read your notes, keep warm, i'm working hard to learn to read your email - one of these days, we shall know how!
Opa & Oma