week review in pictures...

kyle bbq'd some burgers baseball practices
drank some cappucinos
saw the city at night
...during the day!

took the tram
....and much more!!! we have had a great week. mom and dad klassen have helped out with so much....clothing bazaar, mom taught some english, baseball practices. its great having them here and showing them what our daily lives are like!


well since winter never really came this year it seems like summer wants to come a month early. just perfect timing for my parents to stop by for a little visit. they arrived on saturday in vienna and so we met up with them there and spent a couple days seeing vienna. we had a great time taking a tour of the summer palace and many sites around the city, it was alot of fun to tour mom and dad around since they had never been in a european city and ever site was something totally new, since a heritage site in vancouver is anything built before 1970 and over here it's more like anything built before the 1900's. the weather was great, so we spent most of the time walking around catching up, and of course visiting many cafe's along the way. we are no back in Hungary showing them our home and ministry, today we were out visiting miklos and eva and seeing the gypsy community. and yesterday they got to experince the clothing sale and we did a clean out of the ministry center, hey if we got them here might as well put them to work,.... they were more than happy to help actually. and this afternoon it's off to baseball practice were they full suitcase of gear which they brought will be put to use.....many thanks to you all who helped contribute to that, the kids will love the new stuff. oh and did i mention all the goodies we got, i got enough root beer flavoured things to last me a year plus all sorts of other treats, guests are so great to have....... not just for all the gifts they bring! so ya we are having a great time and look forward to the weekend when we can take them into budapest and show them around.


post from ofalu....well here i (lynnette) sit in the ofalu centre. i was waiting for my english student to arrive, but i guess she forgot today! so i decided to get my prep done for english club with the kids for this friday...finished that off! (we are still reading the story of david and goliath) and since they have internet here i thought i would just post on something i was just thinking about as i was waiting.....my student that was supposed to come today i meet with once a week. she is a great girl, super nice, a little older than me, but we get along good. she is such an easy student to teach too! last week before easter i gave her the gospel of john. she said that she had read the bible before, but she seemed excited to recieve part of it again. i havent talked to her since and was hoping that we could talk about it today! through out this week i have been re reading john again and praying through it, that it would speak to my student as she is reading it also. its amazing how many new things that God has been showing me through it too! but my prayer is that even though we meet to learn english....somehow God would use this time to speak through me and kyle and that our student(s) will come to see Him for themselves!!! please pray with me for my one student who didnt show up today,that we could meet again soon and have a good talk together.....thanks so much for all those who are continually lifting us up in prayer, know that God is using your prayers in a mighty way.


watch out ladies it's easter time in hungary,

and with easter monday approching the hungarian tradition of boys spraying perfume on women will happen once again throughout hungary, i was actually just reading a article on this hungarian tradition and about how it is slowly fading away, especially here in the city. the tradition goes..... that as the boys spray women with perfume they recite a poem that basically says "as one sprays water on a flower so it doesn't wilt.... i spray perfume on you so your beautywon't wilt", what does this have to do with Easter, honestly i really don't know. but it did get me thinking, what has faded/wilted in my relationship with God. in what ways has the power of Christs Resurrection faded in my life,in what areas of my life do i need to be washed anew to prevent my wilting. i'm pretty sure a spray of perfume won't keep anyone from the inevitable wilt, albeit disguise it for a while but i am completely assured that Christ alone can save me eternally.

many people have been asking about how miklos and eva have been doing, sorry to not have kept you updated lately on them, carlos and i went out to erchi last thurs to visit and bring out some new clothes for the family and he is doing much, much better. for those who don't know just after christmas he had kidney failure and was admitted to hospital, after being there for a couple weeks he decided to leave and go home, because in his mind nothing was wrong with him. after 2 weeks of ignoring ours and his families requests to go back he fell really ill and was given days to live, the Lord worked a miracle and he survived those very dark days and now is doing so much better, the doctors even going so far to say nothing is wrong with him. Praise the Lord. Miklos and Eva both received the Lord during this past christmas season and our teams is now having weekly prayer meeting in their house. During May a group is coming from Sweden to work in Erchi and other places and it's our hope that both miklos and eva and maybe more would be baptised during this time. we continue to be amazed at how the Lord is working in their lives. yesterday we also had a special kids club in ofalu, carlos and rita had a easter presentation for the kids, opening 12 eggs and each on containing a item that helped to tell the story of christs death, ressurection and why it is so important in our lives, it was really well done and the kids really got into it. it was so great to see the kids so captivated by what the next item would be, sometimes it can be really crazy specailly if there is a larger group which there was. we left really encouraged at the response of the kids. continue to pray for them. they have a really understanding of the gospel, but pray it wouldn't just be knowledge but that they would seek a relationship with the one true saviour. sorry no recent pictures both these ones where taken this last fall, but if you have a craving for something new here is our latest prayer/ministry letter


Boldog Sz├╝linapod,

Lynnette! Well I know it's a day early but i figured why not celebrate and have some fun, plus it was a super nice warm spring day. Well me being the last minute planner i am was still piecing the day together this morning but thankfully it was a sunny day which makes things much easier. So in celebration of the coming 2010 Olympics in vancouver i thought maybe we would test our skills at the bobsled and begin training for our Olympic dreams! Canadian bobsled team here we come, ok not so much, as will be witnessed by the following video. We found two things out today, one we will never make the Olympics and two we should never get a motorbike, since as we went around the corner one of us, who will remain un-named leaned out of the corner and one of us leaned into the corer, nothing quite like sliding around a corner feeling every rivet on the slick metal and smelling the flowers all at the same time!

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we left with only a couple bruises, but the hurt of realizing your Olympic dream has come to a crashing end is what hurts the most! oh well makes for good laughs afterwards. since we were on a children's theme we headed up to the highest point in budapest via the children's railway. kinda a smaller scale train run by kids, now i'm sure you all have in your minds those tiny little kids trains where the conductor is larger than the engine he's sitting on. But it's quite a bit bigger than that and takes you through the rolling hills just above budapest, it really quite nice actually, we then hiked to the top of janos hill and took in the view. To end the day off we headed into budapest to our favorite Italian place for some good pizza and pasta, ( i know not so hungarian, but who can say no to italian).

nothing better than enjoying a great day with my amazing wife!