well i guess this may be the last post for this blog...if we start a new one, who knows, but we will let you all in!

we just wanted to say thanks to all who came out on saturday. we were so amazed and overwhelmed by the support and to see so many people out. in the end there were about 125 people there. apparently the goulash soup went over well (so we are told) i will post the recipe at the end of this because i have had so many requests for it! we are so thankful for all who have kept up with this blog and followed us along in our journey in Hungary for the last 2 years....we hope to keep in touch with you all....

a little update on our life now.....i (lynnette) found a job yesterday!!! yahoo, i will be working at an orthodontic dental office starting monday....kyle is picking up some odd jobs with his uncle till my parents come back from their holiday when kyle will work with my dad. we are in the midst of finding a place to live in vancouver close to where i will work. we looked at a place today and hope that we can get it! we are living at my parents now, house sitting and dog sitting. life has been pretty busy since we got back with catching up with family and friends. but its been great, we even had the chance to visit my brother and sister-in-law and our 2 nephews in alberta over new years. (the pictures are from our drive out to see them...we were reminded again what a beautiful country we live in as we drove through the Rockies!)

thanks again for all your support and prayers for us over the past years, and we ask you would keep us in your prayers as we continue to adjust to life in canada!

ok, and here is the recipe:

hungarian goulash soup (serves approx 6)

2 onions (diced)

2 tablespoons oil

400 grams beef/pork (i used 2 medium sized steaks) (cubed)

3 potatoes (peeled and cubed)

4 carrots (cut into thick strips)

4 parsnips (cut same as carrots)

1 green or red pepper (whole)

1 or 2 whole onions

salt and pepper to taste

2 tablespoons paprika (hungarian sweet works best!)


1. dice onions and fry in oil until clear

2. remove from heat and stir in paprika

3. return to heat and add water (approx half the pot) and meat. over med-low heat cook until meat is tender (approx 1/2 hour)

4. add salt and pepper to taste. you can also add in a dried hot pepper diced (or hot pepper flakes) if you like it spicy. i used 1 pepper for a pot.

5. add carrots, parsnips and potatoes now. you might need to top up the water if its too low.

6. you can also add a whole onions and green pepper now if you like.

7. cook until all veggies are done. enjoy!

hope it turns out for you!


just a reminder to any of you reading the blog still and living in vancouver area we will be having a thank you dinner for all our supporters/prayer partners or anyone interested in what we've been doing. Saturday Jan 12th @ 5. we will be having some hungarian goulash soup and sharing stories, showing some pictures from our experiences over the last two years. we'd love to see you all out there and ask that you give us a call if you will be coming, at either of our parents places 604-272-4462 or 604-271-3620, it will be at our church but we can give you the directions when you call.