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adventures in kubeckhaza.....

well we are very happy to report that we are both feeling almost back to normal, lynnette still has some soreness in her shoulders and neck but other than that we are doing well. this last two weeks we were in kubeckhaza which is in the very south of hungary, the outreach went very well considering how it all began! Lynnette did awesome with the english classes and I had a great time building relationships with the local kids, we have so many stories to share but we will be sharing more in or update letter which will hopefully be in the mail soon. so for now we'll stick to a story about the food.....
we were treated to a traditional hungarian roast, and im not just talking weiners and marshmellows over a fire...... as a wise man once said "we had bacon minus the meat" (thanks anthony for the great quote!) and literally thats what it was, aparently this used to be a common peasent food in these parts, simply put you throw a slab of pig fat, still with the hair on the skin, onto a stick maybe put a fresh onion or two on your stick and off to the fire. now as the fat begins to heat up it begins to drip, of course you wouldn't want any precious fat to go to waste so you must be quick... what better way to catch dripping fat than with a piece of bread! so in and out of the fire you roast and drip, and in the end you have one oily pice of bread and a hopefully cooked chunk of fat, mmmm good, i know thats what you all are thinking, well actually it wasnt too bad, a little salty but i must admit i would have it again, lynnette on the other hand claims to have considered becoming a vegitarian.


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land rovers, helicopters and bikes oh my!

well as you might of read on the last entry we are supposed to be out on outreach right now but we seem to have run into a bit of a road block you could call it along the way..... firstly we are all ok, just bumped bruised and quite achey..... we were headed out to kubeckhaza and about an hour away from home we got into a accident. Honestly looking back we cannot help but to praise God for his protection and that we were all able to walk away from the accident with only bruises sore backs and necks and small cuts. Looking at the shell of the land rover and were the back roof caved in it is truly a miracle that neither lynnette or sandi (who were sitting in the back) were not seriously injured. This was the first trip out with our newly finished land rover which had been donated to us, as we were travelling down the high way we could feel the trailer been pulled around by passing semi trucks but it wasn't anything to serious, but then we had a comibination of high winds and a semi that passed us much faster then the rest, we all felt the trailer begin to fish tail and it just got worse and worse, joska who was driving did his best to get it under control but it was just to late and he did a miracolous job getting us into the grass and not into the semi or guard rails, the front of the land rover dug in and we did an complete end over end roll landing on the top back corner and then rolled onto the side of the vehicle, as you can see the majority of the damage was done on this back corner and lynnette is feeling the most effect from the crash, but mostly it is just a sore shoulder from the seat belt. We were able to crawl out of the sun roofs which had been smashed out to the amazment of the stoped witnesses. Sandi had small cuts on her hand from broken glass but that was the extent of immediate injuries. We then unpacked all our belonings, alright we gathered all our belonings, lynnetts sunglasses which she had been wearing were 15 feet behind the land rover along with sandi's purse, joskas wallet and all sorts of other things, seat belts are so wonderful! I recomend them to all! Lynnette laid down and we gave her some blankets to keep warm, this was a mistake since on arrival of police, speed bike mortcycle doctor and paramedic helicoper it got alot of people excited. Yes thats right even a helicopter came out for us and insited on taking lynnette flying away which we thanked them for but turned down as a completely un needed adventure since the motorcycle doctor gave us the ok on her sore muscles, I guess they didnt want to go back empty handed. So the land rover is a right off and the trailer is in need of some work and safety checks but the most important thing is we are all walking, I guess its time to look into a different vehicle for ovm. Maybe God is telling us its time to move up to a bigger bus or something as the demand and need for it in hungary is so great! We were treated today to a breakfast made by team mates and then they took us to the thermal baths for some muslce relaxtion, we are treated so well here! We are now just taking it day to day but hope to head out to the village maybe tomorrow minus the trailer. We thank you all for the out pouring of love and get well wishes and prayer we are so encouraged by you all! Please also pray that we would be able to fix the trailer and that finances would be met so that the rest of the planned summer outreachs would not be affected. Although at this time its a tough thing to swallow how demolished our ministry vechicles are we know 100% that God had his hand protecting us and he will bring this to his glory, the first police on scene have already invited joska and sandi over for a visit!


Our first official visitor!!!
this past tuesday we had the priveldge of having mike kauffman (a friend from vancouver) come to visit us. he was here on a buisness trip and had an evening free so we got together with him. we took him to our home town of Erd and showed him around...including a tour of our place and all the little weird things about it! then we went back into budapest and he took us out to dinner on this boat that was right beside the chain bridge (you can see it in the picture). it was quite the setting and we feasted on some yummy hungarian food. it was really nice...except for the fact that we all felt a little queezy after the dinner....but a great experience! we were also excited to see all the pics of their new little baby Landon...what a cutie! congrats again Steph and Mike! Mike was also the carrier of a nice big suitcase full of goodies back from home, packed lovingly by our moms and family members! thanks mike for lugging that thing all the way over here. it was so fun to open it and discover all the things that we just cant get here...or things that our moms just spoiled us with! so thanks to our moms (and other contributers)for that too!

onto other things....this saturday we leave for our outreach in a town called kubekhaza. (i mentioned it in a previos blog) we will be there till the 24th of june....so if you are wondering why are blogging will stop for 2 weeks...we wont be here! but we are so excited ...and a little nervous too...but we know that GOd is going to use us in a mighty way and we cant wait! but we are asking you for your prayers...and thank you for all those who have been praying already! we will need it! lynnette is all prepared for her ESL classes, and kyle is also ready for baseball, soccer, and giving a few talks at the evening sessions....along with anything else that comes along our way! so we will give an update once we get back, and im sure will have many photos to share. we are looking forward to seeing more of the small town hungary...which this town is....and praying that the weather will be nice so we can be outside most of the time! is has been nice and sunny today...unlike the past couple days where it has been cold and windy! they say that the summer here this year is only supposed to be 2 weeks of hot weather...we are hoping that they are wrong!

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Surrender all.....
we have both just recently just read through a book i would recommend all to read....it called total abandon, the story of Gary and Bonnie witherall, they were missionaries with om in Lebanon, 4 years ago Bonnie was gunned down in the medical office were she served.
is what you're living for worth dying for? a question that Gary poses in this book, a question that has really stirred me, how hard is it to honestly say yes to that question, or do i struggle on my own on this one? is the human instinct we have ingrained in us to survive a tool used against us in our ability to completely step out for Christ. If we believe whole heartily that we have no reason to fear death and that we posses hope that can change those around us then why are we so scared to take steps of sacrifice....
"God doesn't call us to a certain place (job, ministry) but he calls us to himself"
any insight on how to completely be able to say yes Lord whatever it is you want, not my will but your be done?