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here comes the ice cream man....ok its really the post man. they have music for everything here!

Ordas- straight from a story book!
we have just got back from a week of outreach in a small town and what can we say other than it felt like we were living in a story book. along the winding road leading into town u pass the local grave yard which is guarded by this knarly 300 yr old tree. we stayed only a couple houses away from this and what did we have as neighbours but a giant storkes nest complete with 4 storkes! we would awake to them clapping their beaks as mom came home with some food, as u can see the kids ain't exactly small anymore! amazing the 4 could even be in the nest without bumping each other out, i learned to mimic their clapping beaks and had a good time confusing them.

we were taken care of like royalty by the mayor who invited us to his town. we could see he has a heart for the people of his town and it is so evident in ordas, it's the cleanest town i've seen in europe, and one of the few places in hungary you see gypsys and hungarians living in unity. lynnette lead english again and i lead baseball, we both had a great time with the kids! we also did crafts played games, had movie club and even hosted an open air concert on one of the nights, a ywam team from montana was passing through so the played and shared, although the mayor was very apprenhsive to begin with due to the loudness but soon we all realized that it was reaching many people who would never have been exposed to the gospel otherwise. We were also invited for another cook out, yes pig fat again! we headed out to the river unknowing what lay ahead for us. we along with a girl from holland who came to help us on outreach walked out and of course not speaking the language we were quickly given 3 sticks complete with fat! not just small pieces, but like full on cubes of fat! no way out for lynnette this time, well ok she thought there may be a way out... dropping it in the fire "accidently"... and i must confess i thought it may work but as soon as that fat hit the fire a roar came from the crowd of elderly, who were watching us closley and soon as you can say "szalona sutes" another piece of fat was on the way! as you can see by the pictures we had a great time "partying" with the elderly! and had to leave before they forced too many drinks and pure fat down our throats, but before leaving we asked the mayors wife for a couple shots and heres what we got back, basically this picture alone describes our evening...very funny! We also spent many lunches and house visits with the locals and had some really good talks. God is definately working in the hearts of the people in this town, it was so cool to see and be a part of.

we are now home for 2 weeks, and getting ready for our next outreach (which will be for 2 weeks) this week we will also be helping with a short term team that is here from switzerland...working in a small gypsy town near here. but tomorrow we are off to the lake near by for 1 day of rest...its been so hot here, so thats the best place to be when its 35-40 degrees!

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uniqueness of hungarian:
so today at our language tutor, we learned a funny thing. we were getting him to teach us how to share the gospel in hungarian, and we started with the simple "God loves you", easy enough, translates the same. then we moved on to the verse "For you created my immost being, you knit me together in my mother womb" (Psalm 139:13) But in hungarian the part where it says created my immost being....it translated to "you created my kidneys"! funny eh, well i thought so! just thought i would share.
my other new favorite thing about here i found in the grocery store....yup, thats right. it is balsamic vinegar in a spray bottle. i know you think i'm a freak, but its the little things that make me happy. now i can spray it on my salads to my hearts content!
onto more exciting things...today kyle and i went to the ofalu community house that OM has...its in the next town over, to help with some practical work. there is a team from the states here now and we went with them to help clean out one of the storage rooms (full of garbage!) i helped with this part...but then the guys proceded to drywall the room to make it more useable, and cover up all the little "holes" in the roof. kyle worked hard and is pretty tired...not used to such hard labour anymore! (dad, he misses you too!) i came home after i finished helping and worked on my english stuff for our next outreach. we leave on sunday and will be gone for a week to another small town south of here called ordas. we will be doing sort of the same thing as the last outreach....english, sports, chess, practicing our new sayings in hungarian. so you can pray that we will travel safely(!) and be prepared for all the God has in store for us there.


time with friends!........

happy canada day weekend! to all you back home, this last week for us was spent relaxing and enjoying time with jon, he is currently on a work co-op in germany and came to spend the week with us it was great catching up and just enjoying company, we had the week off after our outreach so it was perfect as we could head out to the bathhouses, local towns and many hours in the coffee houses for much needed rest and recovery! We also took jon to what is called statue park, in this park is all the salvaged communist era statues that weren't destroyed after the fall, as you can see we all had the urge to become one with the statues! We also took jon out to a local lake for a swim as the week was super hot but not long into our swim a storm came rolling in and chased us out, this time of year it is quite common for freak storms to whip up and sometimes all you can do is sit back and watch, we even were treated to a lightning strike right across the road from the gas station from us, which caused the gas station worker to go scurrying back for cover as he was pulling down the flag at the time, quite a sight. The larger pic below is of hungarian paprika, a common sight and even more common spice here. So just another open invitation for all to come and stop in here in budapest it's not every day you can get free accommodation in these parts, plus i know u want to see us! Well anyways whats up for us now, we are home for two weeks now preparing for the next outreach doing language study and such then we head out for another outreach. I can't believe thats its already july, crazyness, this begins our seventh month here, time sure flies!

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