OM Hungary:

This is a pic of the base here....... it looks alot smaller than it, it's actually a three level building..... it has now got even colder here, during the night if you sleep right against the wall you can feel the cold sweeping right through it..... anyways were still enjoying the time and getting alot out of the sessions, yesterday they had us all write out our mission statement, something I had thought about but never actually wrote it out and it was extremely helpfull, I would suggest it to everyone, and we thought we would share them with you all, heres lynnette:
I want to always be growing in the knowledge of who God is and how I can grow closer in my relationship with him, so he can mold me into the person he wants me to be. Obey Gods calling in my life by sharing the salvation gift to those who have not heard it yet. I want to learn to love others with Gods sacrificial love (1 John 4:7-12). My aim is to be a Godly wife who loves, respects and honors my husband always. ....
Here is Kyle's: My mission statement in life is to worship and glorify my Lord, to love without fear and serve without ceasing. To daily walk in the radiant light of salvation and to share that light with all. To be a faithful husband, friend and servant.
Our mission statement is that our marriage would be a testimony to the love of God. That we would be a couple of grace, integrity and committed to grow in each other and God, with him as the center. That through our relationship others would be pointed to the cross.
anyways just wanted to share those with you, we go tomorrow to tour around Budapest and I'm sure we will have many pictures to share with you.
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chris said...

WOW! ...you've written some well thought out and powerful statements. And luckily, as Canadians, you're well prepared for the cold snaps you're experiencing!

beth said...

wow, I totally agree with Chris- the word that came to my mind was "powerful." The work that God is doing through you guys is so incredible- I'm so glad that you're so submissive to Him. Went to Missions Fest today- visited the OM booth! Our speaker was really good too- an escapee from Egypt.