Canucks in Hungary!

Couldn’t believe it, we were early into language class so we went for a quick warm up coffee in McDonalds... I know im embarrassed to say McDonalds but it was the only place close to school, anyways I was perusing through the free daily paper here... alright I was looking at the pictures and picking our all the few words I knew and what do I find on the sports? the canucks.... it was so surprising..... too bad it was about them losing but who cares they were in there. Of course I had to save it and find a place on the fridge for it, a nice taste of home. Apparently they are big canucks fans here... the first thing we saw getting out of the airport was a taxi driver with a canucks hat on.... its a random place here, never know what you may see. We are now done our first week of language school is done and well, we have the vocabulary of a 2 year old, if we dont get going our little nephew ben will catch up to us. It's quite humbling i must say, we can say ”the pen is red, the pen is green”, and you can only say that a couple time over and over before going a bit mad. But every once in a while we are encouraged to see that we are actually learning stuff. we co uld never understan d what the bus driver would ask us in the morning and finally this week we figured out he was asking us if we were "diak?"/students. This also got us a free scarf at the local market. Lynnette wanted to by one, and I being a true menno, thought I would try to barter a bit. and he would budge at all in english, but then as we left i said something in Hungarian (magorul) and he excitedly invited us back and gave us a free one, but only when he found out we were learning the language, we promised to come back weekly for practice sessions with him. I dont know that we need any more scarves though! Lynnette was also very proud of her soup invention today and after tasting it i agreed that it deserved a most honourable mention on the blog. look at the picture, a soup with such an array of colours, very rare in a soup i must add. anyways just wanted to assure to you all that we are eating w ell here. with all the walking that we have to do here makes for quite the appetite!


Future dad said...

Lynnette?? I'd like you to post a photo of the very next meal Kyle cooks, regardless of its complexity! And, if the locals had seen the Thursday night 'Nucks game they'd be as choked as we were. An OT loss 6 seconds in.
Study hard!!

Rachel said...

Nice soup Lynnette! Coming from a gal who likes to photograph food...I really liked this post :)

YootguyMark said...

hey guys thanks for all the random snipits of your lives. It is cool for us to live in hungry through the two of you. We are still praying for you and thinking about you often.


Tonight Canucks Dallas on CBC!! Hockey night in Canada should be a good one.

Kyle and Lynnette said...

hey rachel...that soup is the one from your blog, thanks for the great recipe, it turned out so well i thought that i should take a picture as well!

Rachel said...

I suspected! I'm pleased it turned out so well for you! And now I know you read my blog :)

aunt lor said...

hey guys ... oma wants to know when you'll be cooking up some borscht!