What have we been up to lately??
well, since the summer has ended and our OVM outreaches have finished for this year...we have sort of changed our focus. there is a brazilian couple that im sure we have talked about already that work in Ofalu (the gypsy village near here) and we have joined them for the winter/spring months. so far it has been good, a change of pace...but its always interesting! OM has a ministry centre there (just a small part of a building) which is where we have all our meetings.so here is how a normal week goes for us in Ofalu ministry:
monday: english class (kyle & I are trying to start one)
tuesday: bible study
wednesday: clothing bazaar
friday: kids club
saturday:sometimes the boys play soccer at the local field
ya, so our week is quite busy, along with team prayer meeting day on tuesday, Hungarian lessons 2x a week in the evenings, and we attend an english bible study at our church in budapest on thursday nights! but if you remember to keep these items in your prayers, especially the english class the kyle and i are trying to start on monday nights. the first time nobody came, but we are going to advertise about it more and hopefully those who have already showed interest will attend. we will try to present the gospel to them in an easy way too, so please pray for us and this new ministry. this next week there is a team coming from England that will be doing a week program in Ofalu and Erchi, so we will be helping out there and joining with them. oh yes, the house in erchi that is being built for the gypsy family is having the roof put on this week and hopefully it will be sealed from the wind and cold soon, as the weather is getting quite cold here in the nights. thanks for all your prayers and support...have a great weekend!

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andrea said...

hope things come together for your ESL classes! Have a great weekend :)