april showers......

well this month has been quite a busy one as you can see from the lack of posts,..but we have had a great time hosting family. Catching up on old times and making lots of new memories, it was so great to be able to just "be" with family and also get to show them life and work here. we look forward to the coming months as other family will also be coming. but it has also made us really miss home and especially our new niece and nephews, some of who we have only seen over web cam. but we will be able to catch up in only a few short months which will fly by!

this shot of me was taken in vienna while there with my parents, we convinced lynnette to go and give this "statue" some money but as she walked up he lunged out and freaked her out, the rest of us had a great laugh and she refused to go back and give him the change.

we also had "take your family to work weeks", we had told our family that if you come, your joining us where ever we go and basically that's what happened, hope you guys didn't mind it! they joined us at English club, clothing bazaar, baseball, and many other things, mom even cooked team lunch on tuesday for over 20! thanks again mom! we also ran into a older couple in our neighbourhood, while on a walk back from ice cream. Their grandson plays baseball with us and lynnette has met the grandfather a couple times at the field and chatted with him. they invited us all back to their place for drinks and snacks, we had a great time. the picture is of lynnette, my mom and the lady, they broke out the family pictures and gave us a tour of their small farm (backyard). it was great since moving to our new place we were hoping to get to know our neighbours and now we have a great relationship with this family (good for practicing our hungarian too!), the grandma promises to stop by for tea every time she walks by with her grand daughter!

baseball continues to go well the boys teen team had games last weekend out of town so we had a good time heading out on the road last weekend, we can see them improving and they were quite excited to win their second game. we also have two kids from the team now coming to weekly English club so we are thankful that the relationships built at baseball are reaching further than just on the field. this is the teen team at our game last weekend.
we are really excited for this coming week since a team from sweden will be joining us to work in ofalu and erchi with the gypsies, they are also gypsies who speak roma (gypsy language) and have been here numerous times and have great response in these communities, on sunday we are hosting a special evening in erchi. we have rented out the community hall in erchi (the same one we used at christmas) for a outreach evening. it's always a good time with this group and we know they will be excited to see were there semi truck of donations went from christmas, although we have worked through a good chunk of the 1000 banana boxes they sent there is still plenty more clothes to be sold/distributed. please pray for this week of outreaches. we also took my parents and mark and bonnie to visit miklos and eva, carlos and rita (our team mates) have a weekly bible study at their place, they are both doing much better but continue to pray for them both.


The Riley's said...

We're glad you've had so many visitors to keep you company.
And we count down the months until you come home too!

Vicky said...

I wish I could have been there to see Lynnette get freaked out by that statue actor. So funny! We too are counnting down the months till you come home! Love you and miss you.