kiskunmajsa/kubekhaza outreach

well to say the least our last week has been an interesting one! first of all it was scorching hot the whole week, with thursday being hotter in budapest than in bagdad. meghan and beth joined the OVM team for a week of english/kids camps. we traveled first to kiskunmajsa where we joined an on going english camp that was held at an old communist military base. and well, the girls got there fill of interesting stories, enough in their words that they "could go home now and be chalk full of experiences". although we had to deal with everything from cockroaches in our beds, to enough flies in the eating area to feed the camp on it's own the camp went really well. the conversation groups we held went really really well and the kids had a week full of hearing testimonies and teachings. beth and meghan were quickly latched on to by the kids. on the first day we arrived the boys were proudly showing off all sorts of old military gear that they found around the camp area..... jackets with hammer and sickle buttons, army caps and old machine gun shells, but when they told me of a landmine it was too much for me believe! so a couple days later they took me to the field to show me, here is gergu proudly showing off his find. personally i thought it a good idea to keep distance from this but he very adamantly told us it was diffused. but still we demanded he not touch it, as you can see he didn't listen and even saw no problem with holding it while smoking! as you can tell gergu didn't think he needed to listen to us and thought it hilarious that when he threw it in the air we all ran in the other direction.

our second half of the week was spent in kubekhaza, a town we were in last summer also. we also had an english camp but for smaller kids and it went extremely well also. the week ending on sunday with the baptism of two of the teachers of the camp. joska was asked to help along with the baptism. something that was a great blessing to him and the team. and really it was a special day with one of the kids from our group taking the step in front of the camp of accepting the Lord, praise God for how he worked in this last week! the baptism was held in the backyard of a local lady who accepted Christ into her heart 3 years ago while joska and sandi were in kubekhaza. since there is no church in the town we resorted to using the kiddy pool in her backyard, quite the scene to say the least.
thank you again meghan and beth you guys did awesome work and really were a joy to have stay with us. it was "good" right beth?!


andrea said...

sounds like an incredible week!!! hope you get lots of rest and prep time this week for your next upcoming outreach.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to share with us your journey ....... Joy, strength and peace to you in the midst of heat, flies and other creepy crawlies!!!!! love to you Aunt Herta

jc said...

is that guy in the picture wearing the shirt you got at the AC/DC concert?

Almut & James said...

Good to see that Joska did something with the facial hair!