every morning you can find these elderly people down the road from us near the centre of town. they set up tables and sell their flowers from their garden, walnuts from their tree, or eggs from their chickens. i always like buying from these old ladies for 2 reasons.... 1. they are just so cute sitting there and 2. its part of their income. the pensions here are really low so the elderly are forced to work here after they are retired too. so today i bought a little
bunch of flowers from the lady on the far left....she gave me a 5 minute run down on what to do with them when i get home....and of course she instructed me to carry them upside down on the way home too.... its a thing they do here.


Anonymous said...

why do they carry them upside down?

charlie said...


Anonymous said...

I like the old man on the left in the picture. He's probably saying to himself, "what me sell flowers?" Dad K.