mark your calendars...its official, we have booked our

tickets home today. so the date is.....DECEMBER 16!!!!!!!! its sort of weird to think about going home already...i counted yesterday and its only 11 weeks till we are home...now that's crazy! not that we are counting. OK maybe a bit. but we are still looking forward to many things yet that we have here before we go.

this weekend (thursday-saturday) we are hosting a group from the budapest christian high school. they will be helping us at the Ofalu ministry centre with some practical work. and on sunday we have another service in ercsi (with hopefully the help of some swedish friends!)

hope you all have a good week...looking forward to seeing you all in only a short couple months!!!! (sorry no picutre this time!)


Cheryl said...

Yipee!!!! Can't believe that it's only 11 weeks away. Looking forward to seeing you guys!

vicky said...

YAY!!! I am looking forward to seeing you two again! Although I am NOT looking forward to going back to work...which will be just a few days after you get home. BOO HOO! See you soon!

Chris said...

Thanks for the warning!
Now I know how much time I have left to replace all the stuff we've been borrowing from you guys.
Ahhh... did I type that out loud???

I'm Just Kidding !!!

...... we sold all of your stuff.

Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for posting on our blog... we LOVED our time last night in Budapest... I have a very good friend who works for OM in Georgia... Jon Simpson. He's also in the Bill Drake Band. Do you know him?

Blessings to you...

Matt Nightingale

andrea said...


Christina & Benjamin said...

hey guys, I just got caught up on your blog after a few weeks...Cool! We also just booked tickets back to Canada for the holidays. WE are flying to Vancouver on Dec 17 :) We'll stay with my sister and her family, flying out of Seattle on Dec 29 (going to Detroit/Southern Ontario until Jan 7). HOpe we can see you guys sometime!