a night at the opera

last night our long awaited trip to the opera was upon us. not that we are huge opera fans, neither of us has actually ever been but more for the building and the event of it. and it being close to my birthday we thought it a good way to celebrate. so off we went and when your are spending it in a theater over 100 years old who cares if you understand only part of the story. Madame Butterfly was the opera and the language sung was italian with a monitor above the stage with hungarian subtitles. so between the two of us we could put together most of the performance. plus the symphony probably would have been reason enough to go. and no, we didn't talk through the whole time
trying to figure it out, we were afraid of being shunned by all the faithful opera fans. although the seats creaked like crazy so you had to sit perfectly still not to make tons of noise, the acoustic being so good the smallest sounds could be heard from all....... heres some shots we took while at the show, the one below is specially for andrea.
it being her birthday this weekend (happy birthday), we laughed so hard because it was like a scene straight from the muppets.....her favorite show!
and her favorite characters so heres to you andrea! haha.......now you get a view of our box from the front and back........ so as you can see we had a good time, and no the people in front of us weren't real life muppets but actually french, i didn't ever think i would be spending my 25th birthday sharing a box at the hungarian opera, kinda funny. but as you can see from the pictures the place is quite the sight. and tickets to the shows really aren't too bad since you can pay anywhere from $100 to $1.50. we payed about $20 and the seats were super nice. it was totally worth it!


Chris said...

It sounds like you had a good time. I'm curious to know if you had to, or would have liked to, have used as pair of opera glasses...


andrea said...

ohmygosh, that's awesome!!! I totally appreciate the muppet-look-alikes! What a laugh you must have had ~ brings me a few good laughs too! Thanks for the call today! love you!

MAB290 said...

Off topic: You say you are in Ofalu, Hungary. I am wondering if this could possibly be the same town my grandfather came from between Kosic and Pesov at about 48 degrees north, 21 degrees west.

MAB290 said...

Off topic: I was wondering if you could possibly be in the same town where my grandfather was born. He came from Ofalu with map coordinates roughly 48 degrees north, 21 degrees east. It is between Kosic and Presov.

ken said...

Kyle, got to see your parents at Granville yesterday! It was good to be back there for a visit... So many people are so proud of you guys! We had fun remembering the old days... oh and the Space Ghost (Subaru 4x4)!

ken said...
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