so some of you may be wondering, "it's been two years, am i really going to remember what kyle and lynnette look like?" "what if they come through the doors at the airport and none of us recognize them?"

well be comforted ...here is what you should be expecting upon our arrival.... i know i know your thinking, my oh my when did you become so fashionable. well to be honest we always had it in us it just took us some years to develop.

honestly the christmas market is now officially opened in budapest and we took a stroll by today and couldn't resist the photo op., and rest assured no animals were harmed in the making of these pictures although i fear the same cannot be true in the making of these hats! yes fur is in fashion here.

the snow has already come and gone although our street still remains a skating rink. i guess the fact that it's dirt and never sees the sun lends to the fact it's one of the few still with some hard packed snow. i even got in a good game of snow football, with all our neighbours looking on in strange wonderment. we had a good week meeting up with friends and team mates, on monday we headed out to a city 1 hour out of budapest to spend the night with our team mate and family, which is always a good time. they are doing a church plant in the city and it was so great to hear how God is working there.

Today we also spent the afternoon with our team mate jill and took her to the much anticipated trip of coffee at the new york. a very old and classic coffee house here in the city. it had been closed for a year for renovations and since opening last year we had promised to take her there. She got us thorough our first year and spent many of coffees filling us in on all the little details we were missing, showing us all the in and outs of hungary and listening to us complain!thanks jill, for all that. so it was just a little thanks plus we really wanted to see this place and experience it so it was a great reason to go. Here's a couple shots from there.

Our week ahead is full of ministry and starting to get things moved, this last week we went in and closed our bank account here, which was really strange, it was sorta the first thing that really made me think wow we are actually going home soon. our main moving will be next week but i guess we need to get things in order. we plan to do chirstmas bags for the kids in ercsi and ofalu so we will also be helping our team mates with that. on sat the 15th we will head our to the houses and give the bags out and also something small for the families, we really look forward to this, spending some time with the families and just being there one last time.


vicky said...

What a beautiful coffee house. And nice hats. I hope you each bought one. Maybe some as Christmas gifts?

Chris said...

14 days!
14 days!
Actually? ... (I said actually) aren't you a half day ahead? So is that 13 days then?
13 1/2? ... ???
The snow is falling here today! I get to debate whether I go to Langley for work tomorrow.
(Yeah, like the wife wants me around!?)

Rav&Amanda said...

Hey you two...we are looking forward to your new 'eurochic' looks! Good luck with all your packing. See you soon :)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, wish we could have had coffee there!!....maybe someday!

Anonymous said...

mr. and mrs. davy crockett??
see you SOON!