just a reminder to any of you reading the blog still and living in vancouver area we will be having a thank you dinner for all our supporters/prayer partners or anyone interested in what we've been doing. Saturday Jan 12th @ 5. we will be having some hungarian goulash soup and sharing stories, showing some pictures from our experiences over the last two years. we'd love to see you all out there and ask that you give us a call if you will be coming, at either of our parents places 604-272-4462 or 604-271-3620, it will be at our church but we can give you the directions when you call.


Chris said...

Mmmmm.... langos!

Kim said...

hey guys, just thought i'd let you know (although i'm sure you've assumed that already) that mark & i won't be able to make it on saturday. i have to work until 530pm. enjoy the goulash for us!! take pictures.

m&m said...

Hi Kyle and Lynnette,
How did your open house go? How was the gulyás?