Welcome to the wonderful world of Germany

Well we have offically arrived, well are bodies are here but we left all our energy on the plane, who knew flying could be so exhausting. 20 hours after laving home we arrived in this little town way up in the mountains of Germany, snow and all. Were staying a little away from the base here at a nice youth hostel, the base is this neat old flour mill or something really cool. Met up with a friend from bible school in spain which is pretty neat and there about 250 other people, i know i exaggerated again, thought somebody originally told me 500, anyways we'll be here 10 days for intensive training and preperation and then off to the country of goulash and baths. Can't believe were in Europe so weird, did you know druken means push i see all these signs on the door and think 'what you need to be drunk to be able to open' good thing i have my little german wifey, anyways should get going almost dinner, till next time
signing off
the two mousekeeters (lynnette loves the mice)


Cheryl said...

Glad you arrived safely in Germany. Still thinking of both of you and praying for a wonderful experience.

Anthony and Shelley Dyck said...

hey guys. happy to hear you got there safely. try the Gluck Milka chocolate bars.