well hello again, or for the first time, just getting all this blogging stuff figured out, it's kinda addicting actually well anyways, i put a couple links on the site for those of u interested,
there over there ->
the operation mobilisation website, the hungarian tourism website with up to date weather info so you can all see us freeze our little hienes off, actually it's not so cold, and a really cool photo tour, no were not on there but i promise to make it in the next year, and for those of you who are bored and cheaply entertained, a little free games site that i have wasted many of hours on.....
bloogers addicts anonymous


Beth said...

Hello K & L,
It's so cool that you guys have a blog! I'll send you mine over e-mail, so you can check it out... I guess we'll see you tonight!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
I have been thinking of you and praying for you today. It is Monday, Jan.9 and today you left Canada for Hungary.
Blessings and our love,
Bonnie (& Mark & Ben)