don't judge a book by its cover.....

the rudas bath house is one of the oldest here in budapest and honestly from the outside it seems like a building that may do better torn down. buts it all about the inside here. a team mate invited me to experience the rudas last week with him and a couple visiting americans. the rudas was built in the 16th century by the turks it has this great feel of history in it, i couldn't help but think i was swimming in a archaeological site. the other unique side to the rudas is upon entering you are given a cloth, maybe the size of a dish towel with a string to tie it around you waist. yes no bathing suits required here!which side to put the towel on, well this is why it is wise to go to a place like this with a experienced friend. the pic of the inside wasn't taken by me, cameras obviously wouldn't be so welcome in a place like this. (it is mens only, just incase u were wondering) so as you can see from the 2 pics you really don't know what may be hidden inside some of these run down buildings. thanks matt for the great time and my now newest fav. spot in budapest. but one thing now concerns me as i read more on the rudas. it boasts that it is a "radio-active" hot spring, yikes.... but it will also help me with any bone decay, degenerative illnesses of joints, chronic and semi-acute arthritis cases, protruded intervertebral disc,
neuralgia. hungarians claim all sorts of health benefits of their many bath houses, i prefer to just claim the relaxation, great chats and atmosphere! click
here if u wanna check out some hungarian bath house or see more pics.

in other news lynnette and i have 2 new english students, younger kids 9 and 11 but it should be good, and also when lynnette meets with olga on mondays, for the last couple weeks a couple of the local boys have been coming by to kick a soccer ball around or just see what we are up too, tomorrow i plan to sit down with them and start to read through one of the gospels, maybe a chapter or two a week, well see how it goes, pray for them and for me as we meet and talk, or at least try to talk. and one last pic for u of my other fav thing in budapest, the #49 tram, its super old, slow and loud, but i guess thats kinda why i like it soo much. they could probably sell these trams off to some north american city and pass them off as "retro"


andrea said...

Impressive photos! Hungarian bath houses sound very interesting, much more so than my own bath house in my home!

Bonnie said...

Mark can't wait to strut his washcloth in the bathhouse!! :)