some little random facts of what we will miss from here and what we look forward to over there: out of order and incomplete but here you go:

from home:
- mom d's fresh baked cookies & buns
- mom k's tortilla soup
- a dryer for our clothes
- english speaking country
- the smell of the ocean
- donuts
- niko
- waking up on a clear morning and seeing fresh snow on the local mountains
- sidewalks
- my own bed
- waffle maker & rice cooker
- white spot breakfasts!
- carpeted floors
- frosted flakes
- walks on the dyke
- a freezer large enough to hold more than a tub of ice cream
-our bikes (ours here constantly gets flat tires and lynnettes pedal some how loosens every ride)
-our roller blades and a place actually smooth enough to ride them
-hockey night in canada
-and of course family and friends

things we will miss from here:
-walks through Budapest
-good and cheap coffee spots
-bath houses
-the history
-being able to actually enjoy the fall (little rain)
-the christmas market
-being able to travel to vienna for the weekend (same distance as going to seattle)
-festivals every week of the summer
-team mates and new friends
-our patio and being able to use it for half the year
-public transit system, being 5 minute walk from train station
-my BBQ
-our neighbours
-not our neighbours dog (mono)
-un-paved roads
-when people come to visit and are actually surprised we have a flushing toilet and heating
-our church, calvary chapel
-travelling the country in the summer
-H&M (lynnette will miss this)
-the buda hills
-budapest by night (the lights on the river are awesome)
-olga and her weekly kisses for us (although a little wet at times)
-working together (every day all day), it's great
-cheap flowers from old ladies


vicky said...

the lists made me teary. i love you guys. and i love how niko made the list.

Aunt Lor said...

H & M is at Coquitlam Centre . . . lucky Lynnette!
can't wait to see you!

Chris said...

Things you'll need to know when you come home:
1-Everyone has aged 2 years;
2-If any of your stuff is missing, it wasn't me;
3-You'll need to remind me which seat at the dinner table was yours;
4-I can still stir my coffee, and then stick my finger in its vortex
5-Every Canadian in the country December 15th gets a million dollars
6-Star Trek has become a renewed hit
7-AND... sorry, but I forgot to do your taxes and your file has been sent to collections.


Anonymous said...

oh and also- ps: we have paprika here too. :) amanda barkey*

Anonymous said...

Lynnette, there is an H&M store here too, or it is coming. Looking forward to your arrival and enjoy the rest of your stay.

andrea said...

i wonder if there are any good hungarian restuarants in van. that you will have to seek out and try?

Christina & Benjamin said...

I was also going to mention that H&M made it to Toronto over 2 years ago so it must be in Vancouver by now. And you'll get there by sidewalk!! Exciting!

This morning I was talking to a student about our Christmas visit to Canada and got excited about going out for a big breakfast in a restaurant...hashbrowns for example! I miss that.

Anonymous said...

Yap, there is an H&M store in Coquitlam Mall.

andrea said...

just reading your list again... you will miss your BBQ?! ;) maybe you will get a bigger one here!

Bonnie said...

It made me sad to hear your list of what you will miss from Hungary. What an experience you have had, God be with you as you transition.
Love B