God works in ways we sometimes may not expect.....

so, many of you will remember our accident of last June. i remember just after it happened thinking "God why"? why after all the work that has been put into these vehicles and all the pain we had to go through, why? why would you allow this to happen? and maybe we will never know fully the reasons for it, except to tell and share how we were saved from serious injury and maybe even death... and also to tell of how God has better plans than ours. After hearing of the accident an OM worker in Finland who has worked for years in Austria and throughout Eastern Europe for years... took it upon himself to bring the "Bus 4 Life" to reality. And after a year and a whole lot of hard work here is the fruit, quite exciting to say the least. This bus will not only serve Hungary but will be a tool for all of Eastern Europe. It's been equipped with tons of room for books, a projector and screen for movies,a kitchen, 2 beds, bathroom and all sorts of extras for different ministries. We got to take it out to Ercsi this last weekend for our kids ministry there and it set the perfect backdrop and attracted kids and adults from all around. Here's a shot of our team mate Petri who just joined us from Finland and is our bus driver, no not our personal one, although we stopped for groceries on the way home and laughed that we had never taken a bus to Tesco before. Pray for him as taking the bus on is a huge responsibility and for safety on the roads.

We spent the second half of last week hosting the Budapest Christian High School's "service days", so we had a whole crew of Grade 7 and 8's in Ofalu and Ercsi mostly doing clean up work. but they also did a kids program each afternoon and on the saturday. On Friday with the younger kids we walked the city of Ercsi handing out tracks and invitations to our church services and also our team mate matt accompanied us with guitar in hand. we soon found out where one goes with a guitar one must expect to sing, as we had requests from a number of people. so we had a great time singing songs and praying with people in the community.

Today we had our second Ercsi sunday service as well and it went alright, all things considering. Since we were unable to use the same place as last time we were in the school gym not a ideal place but it worked. please pray for us as the team tries to find a long term place for the services. And also pray for the services themselves that people would come to seek the Lord and not to cause trouble, and for wisdom for Carlos and Rita as they lead the ministry. We know the Lord has great plans for these places although at times it may look like we are just spinning our wheels, He is moving and it is him that makes the seeds grow.


Chris said...

Hey KYLE?!
That 'Bus for Life' isn't really a "Trabant" now there is it?
A little more spacious; a few more ammenities; maybe a little more thirsty in the fuel department too. Seriously though, it's great to see that people still donate 'tools' of your trade to help out. (I'd highly recommend sticking a Canadian Flag sticker on that beast too!)

mom k said...

that bus is definitely the "silver lining" in the cloud of that accident!