happy birthday kyle!!!

well, today kyle turned the big 25. it was a pretty relaxed day, i made him some pancakes for breakfast, we went to ofalu to teach english...he fixed my broken bike (what a man) then on the way home from ofalu we stopped for some cake and coffee at our favorite place near by. this evening we were invited over to team mates for dinner....i brought a cake (mocha mousse, thanks mom k for the recipe)....but the funny thing that stuck me was that because we are biking everywhere now, we had to find a way to bike and get the cake over on our 25 min ride to dinner. so we put the cake in a box and strapped it onto the back of kyles bike. on the way i asked him if he ever thought he would be spending his 25th birthday riding a bike in hungary with his birthday cake strapped to the back....we had a good laugh. (and the cake made it there in perfect condition if you wondered) tomorrow we will continue the celebration by attending the opera in budapest. this is something we have wanted to do since getting here and i thought that this would be a perfect time....i hope its good...we will see and post some pictures tomorrow maybe. can you take pictures in an opera?? anyways, just wanted to wish my wonderful husband a very happy birthday...love you babe!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you baby boy!
love mom

Chris 'n' Charlie said...

Cher's working and the boys are home alone, so Happy Birthday from the RILEY BOYS !!!

I'm not sure about the pictures at the Opera, but I know at Disneyland you're told:

"Arrrrrr, NO Flash Fotography!"

Rav&Amanda said...

perhaps you can ask the opera singers to sing 'happy birthday' to Kyle in Hungarian...that would be awesome :)

Kim said...

hahaha! love the cake on the bike story. that will be a memory to cherish one day for sure.

it sounds like you'll be in super shape when you come home too, with all your bike riding.


Anonymous said...

A BIG two five !!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Who said were going to the OPERA? Strange things are ok after 25. Enjoy the evening. Dad K.

andrea said...

YEAH birthdays!!! Happy birthday!